Lake Information and Statistics

Lake Arrowhead’s water level fluctuates on a daily basis. As the water we drink comes straight from the lake, lake levels can drop dramatically especially before our winter season. During a typical season the lake can drop approximately between three and six feet.


Locals especially like to keep track of how much the lake raises after each storm we receive. Between rain, snow, and run off, a few good storms can fill up the lake very quickly. After the lake reaches maximum capacity the ALA (Arrowhead Lake Association) will open the flood gate located at the Tavern Bay Beach Club. Over-flow eventually ends up in the high desert.


The current lake level is 5101.11' (5.6' low) and the water temperature is 55.9°

Length of Lake 2.2 miles
Length of Shoreline 14 miles
Volume of the lake 47,418 acre feet
Surface when full 782 acres
Deepest Point 185 feet
Number of gallons 15.8 billion
Full Lake Level 5106.70 ft (elevation from sea level)